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Hello everyone, and some fans. Well first of all ill give up on Megaman Series.
Grammar errors,and other stuff.
But since i've finished the first episode of Megaman Wily Returns i started improving on flash so on Photoshop and special effects.

So since now i got more time on weakends ill make a new project:

Guilty Gear XA:Ancient

Well i came up with the idea some days ago.
When i was 11 years old i realy loved Guilty Gear and i still do.
So i started thiking:Why no make a Guilty Gear Flash?

And this is the main logo (for now):

New Project:Guilty Gear XA:Ancient

Bruce Faulconer musics

2008-01-21 13:05:16 by magmadragoon11

hi all, im am looking for some musics from bruce faulconer of dbz does any one knows where to find (i dont want torrents) please comment. its for my intro flash .

Bruce Faulconer musics

lock i can't end megaman becouse i'm tired so i think the sencond serie will come more late... Sorry for the news oh and one more thing this is for UltimateAxl i have done the sencond form devil x. thanks to an autor,dan dark.i will try do the second form of Zero

ok, pretty tired do finish megaman lol

Megaman X Unleashed Comming Soon

2007-07-28 07:47:38 by magmadragoon11

When i was making Megaman Wily's Return Ep.2 i was thinking to make the second saga.Megaman X Unleashed. It's the continue of Megaman Wily's Return, where megaman will be X and bass will have an upgrade. clones of x and zero, Omega X and Omega Zero, Dark forms of X and Zero. The mortal enemy will appear again.Zack. but i need to finish megaman wily's Megaman Wily's Return will have 3/4 ep. so it's almost finish and i think megaman x unleashed will have 24/25 ep. .Please comment.

Megaman X Unleashed Comming Soon