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Megaman X Unleashed Comming Soon

2007-07-28 07:47:38 by magmadragoon11

When i was making Megaman Wily's Return Ep.2 i was thinking to make the second saga.Megaman X Unleashed. It's the continue of Megaman Wily's Return, where megaman will be X and bass will have an upgrade. clones of x and zero, Omega X and Omega Zero, Dark forms of X and Zero. The mortal enemy will appear again.Zack. but i need to finish megaman wily's Megaman Wily's Return will have 3/4 ep. so it's almost finish and i think megaman x unleashed will have 24/25 ep. .Please comment.

Megaman X Unleashed Comming Soon


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2007-07-28 08:09:55

There's a lot of thinkin' going on. Try not to make the story too complicated.

magmadragoon11 responds:

I know


2007-07-28 13:07:13

It looks interesting as you can tell I am a MegaMan X fan also, but I have a question, will these be Sprites?

If you say yes, then I don't mind.

(Updated ) magmadragoon11 responds:

no i will do a better upgrade this is just a plus i will do an upgrade but first dark x and zero will be like that image than they have the second form
an upgrade. has you can see X will have a Devil form.Devil X and Zero gonna be Furius Zero or God Zero or Violent Zero i don't know yet the name of the second form of zero.if you hanna see the second form pay atetion to the news to see the forms.o and i forgot this flash x and zero has a fusion


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